Frequently Ask Questions FAQ

1. (Members/Artist) What is a beat lease?

A "beat lease" is a generic way to reference a non-exclusive license of instrumental music.

2. (Members/Artist) When will I receive my beat(s)?

Your beat(s) are sent to your email instantly after your payment has been made.

3. (Members/Artists) Can I get free beats?

Yes, but free beats are only available for members/artists who signup or subscribe to the site. Note: Free beats will only be available for members who stay signup.

4. (Members/Artist) How do exclusive rights work?

When you purchase exclusive rights to use instrumental music here on Beatsmega, you are taking the ability away from other recording artists to license and use that instrumental music. After the sale of a license which includes exclusive rights, the beat is removed in the marketplace and all licenses for the beat become unavailable for purchase.

5. (Members/Artist) When I buy beats, are the beats tagged?

In most cases, NO. However, some producers may tag their producer name just once at the beginning for recognization purposes. Example "pretty boy on the track" If you have any concerns please contact us and we can check with the producer.

6. (Members/Artist) What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept only electronic payments in U.S. currency using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal.

7. (Members/Artist) If I buy a beat or instrumental from this website, what can I use it for?

What you will be using the beat for will usually determine what license you purchase from the producer.

With that said, in order to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible for you (the buyer) to understand; every license for sale here is structured in a standardized way.

Essentially, when you purchase a license using the Beatsmega service, you are granted the right to make a derivative work from the instrumental music and in nearly all cases, sell that derivative work for a profit. You are also granted the right to perform the derivative work. How you sell or perform that derivative work is entirely up to you, however, the license defines how much of that you can actually do without paying royalties back to the producer.

8. (Members/Artist) I paid with an eCheck but didn't receive my beats?

If you still cannot access your purchased downloads, there are other possible causes. Here are some common situations that we see that may delay or prevent you from accessing your downloads. If you pay with an eCheck (your bank account) using Paypal, those funds are not disbursed immediately and will take 2-3 days for your order to be completed. Once the eCheck clears, then your order is automatically updated and the downloads become available. On rare occasion, Paypal takes up to an hour to update our system with your payment information. This can delay your order from being completed and the emails from being sent out. Otherwise, please contact our support line at any time with your order number and/or email address and we can help you out.

9. (Producers) Why can I only upload 50 beats?

We only allow producers to upload only 50 beats at this time so there won't be any saturation. This method allows all producers the chance to get their beats heard. So since 50 beats are only allowed, be sure to upload your hottest. Tip: Any beats that you notice are not selling just delete them and upload new ones.

10. (Producers) Can I Upload Sampled Beats Or Just Originals? prefers and recommends just originals. The only circumstance where samples are permitted is when the samples have been licensed and cleared for sale by the copyright owner of the sample.

11. (Producers) Do I have to upload tagged beats?

Not at all. already has put a voice tag in place to help protect your beats.


12. (Producers) How much do producers get paid per sale?

All producers get paid 80% on all beat sales. In the future producers will have the option to pay a monthly subscription and get paid 100% commission on all beat sales.

13. (Producers) When will I receive my beat sale payments?

How Often? Commission payments are paid out on a weekly basis, usually friday evening or saturday afternoon.

Minimum Balance? There no minimum balance required in order to qualify for payment.

We will be converting over to instant payments very soon.

14. (Producers) I sold a beat but didn't see a payment notification?

1. First make sure you have entered your correct and valid paypal email address.

2. Secondly contact paypal to make sure you don't have any existing balances you owe.

3. Contact us back so we can check your account to make sure you entered all the right information.

15. (Producers) Can I promote my own website to sell beats?

Sorry but No! We at appreciate you being a producer on our site but you cannot advertise your beat website through voice tags or any info on your bio. Any activity discovered by beatsmega will get you banned from the site. Thank you.

16. (Producers) I don't see a genre for my type of beat?

If you don't see a genre for your type of beats, please send us a request by contacting us. We may be able to add it to our genre list.

17. (Producers) Can I give away free beats?

Yes of course. As of now we are upgrading a feature for producers to have this option really soon. But for now if you want to give away free beats (we recommend 2 or 3 max) just contact our admin at and list the beats you want to give away and we can activate them for you. NOTE: You actually can still sale your free beats but they are only avalible to members/artists who signup or subscribes to the website.

18. (Producers) Why was my account deleted?

This can be several reasons:

1. You violated the rules by advertising your own website with a beat tag or profile info

which is against the rules and policy to remain a producer on

2. Producers are allowed only 7 days to upload beats to their profile. If no beats are uploaded

 within that time then your profile is considered a dead/inactive account so it will be deleted.